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  • Specialty Coffee Roasters

    As a small batch artisan roaster we source only specialty grade beans from around the world and roast them fresh.

    What makes specialty coffee so special?

    Most coffee consumed today is commercial grade with only about 15% of the coffee grown world-wide considered specialty grade. To be specialty grade, the coffee must score at least an 80 according to Specialty Coffee Association standards. Coffee ratings are calculated based on a set of criteria – balance, body, taste, aroma, number of defects, and more.

    Specialty grade coffee is typically grown in tropical climates under ideal conditions. The coffee is then carefully hand-picked by farmers looking for the best, most ripe cherries which ensures the fewest defects and best taste in the cup.

  • Customer Testimonials

    • If you had been in my kitchen when I brewed your coffee, I would have kissed you! It’s literally the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had!

      Very Happy Hodag Farmer’s Market Customer
    • The 25 South is fresh smooth and amazing. Just ordered Jaw Slapper and Colombia Royal, can’t wait until it arrives. I believe it’s best coffee I ever tasted.

      Terry M., Nokomis, FL
    • We stopped at your booth at the Oneida County fair and had some of your cold brew. It was fantastic!

      John O., Minocqua WI
    • I must say that I’m really impressed with your coffee. I was in Merrill for my son’s baseball tournament and met your wife at a local farmer’s market. I purchased a pound of Ardi and I loved it. It sure beats the Ethiopian I purchased from Peet’s. It was a very special find, keep up the good work!

      Mark J., Appleton WI
    • Damn, Chris! This coffee is GOOD!

      Mike M, Wausau WI